Jewellery has since ages used as a beautifying commodity among women. Since the beginning of civilisation, jewellery was used made of various metals like copper, iron , and gold. As time progressed, modernization entered into the realms of necklaces, earrings and bangles. Skilled artists from various regions transformed the art of jewellery making into a highly specialized art form. In modern times, jewellery especially necklaces has evolved, and nowadays it is crafted with multifarious semi-precious and precious stones corresponding to the changing fashion trends from the southern temple jewellery to that tastefully curated intricate Kundan necklace.

The diverse variety of jewellery created by extremely skilled craftsmen are highly valued globally for its aesthetic and cultural value. For instance, temple jewellery patterns are designed with a beautiful mix of tradition and culture. The Kolkata jewellery is made by beating bright yellow gold into flat surfaces and then exquisite patterns are carved on it. An Iranian craftsman invented the Meenakari designs which was then popularised by the Mughals and since then it has gained momentum because of its intricate designs symbolizing the rich historical and cultural heritage of India. Antique jewellery has become a popular option among millennial brides as it has a rustic aura and emotional ancestry charm. 

We offer the best exquisite necklace sets with intricate designs in high quality. Each of our necklaces are put through a long and arduous journey before we finally put it for sale. We have experienced in-house jewellery designers who create the designs keeping in mind the latest trends in the fashion world. Our team of excellent craftsmen create necklaces using high-quality precious metals, gemstones and diamonds. After a piece of jewellery has been manufactured, we ensure that it matches the high standards by putting it though stringent checking measures. Finally, the best product in quality and standard makes its way to the customer. Below are a few types of necklaces that we expertise in:


These are long extended necklaces, single or multi-stringed bestowing a royal look. It is beset with dropping pearls and its ghera gives the woman a queen-like prominence. The Kundan necklace has been a phenomenon with young and the old alike since time immemorial. It is usually styled with another pair of necklaces, mostly with chokers or collar necklaces. Wearing this exquisite necklace not only lends a traditional appearance but a more sophisticated and elegant look.
The jewellery gets its name because of the excellent skilled craftsmanship encasing gemstones and glass in the base of pure metal like brass or copper. It has a difficult production process with involves enameling with various colours on the reverse of the jewellery with the designs on the front.

  • Since green jewels are a trend, we offer a few kinds of eclectic pairing of green jewels which when paired with a bright trousseau would provide a balance between tradition and modernity.
  • Featured in our website are necklaces chokers bangles in different designs, patterns and splashes of colours.
  • Meenakari has been a favourite choice between millennial women. We are not only limited to the inclusion of stones glasses and American diamonds, but also Meenakari designs along with them.
  • Our designs have been inspired by nature and architecture, the beautiful shapes of lotuses and tulips, and other floral designs.
  • We have a contrasting blend of pastel shades with traditional jewellery

American Diamond Necklaces

It is a known proverb that a diamond is a woman’s best friend but for most of us who cannot preserve real diamonds or afford them, American diamonds come to the rescue. They are synthetic forms of diamonds created in laboratories. American diamond necklaces look elegant and classy and most importantly looks exactly like a diamond. Let’s look at the various kinds of American Diamond sets that are in trend:

  • Our American Diamond Cluster necklace has an intricate design with hundreds of diamonds studded in a complex pattern. To make this kind of delicate and beautiful piece of necklace various shapes and sizes of diamonds are used.
  • The beautiful design of the chandelier American Diamond necklace can be described as an extended choker that covers one’s neck and goes deeper.The bewitching design of the necklace resembles a chandelier.
  • The chandelier American necklace has had a unique place in the hall of fame for brides for centuries. These stunning pieces consisting of various colours, different sizes of diamonds and an enormous range of designs can make an individual fall head over heels in an instant.
  • The best thing about the AD necklace is that it never looks like a piece of low-cost diamond. It is as regal and classy as a real diamond.

Final words
The exquisite collection of our necklaces within an affordable range can be accessed by anyone. we have kept our prices to a minimum and given great deals and discounts. One can get any type of kundan jewellery or American diamond set according to one’s personal taste and make sure that it looks splendid and enticing throughout the entire length. We at Virtual Kart deal primarily in Premium Quality and appealing Fashion Jewellery, and it’s been that way since our founding in 2018. We constantly think about our customers and their preferences for designing the necklace sets.