The woman of today is not only a homemaker, a wife, and a mother but her presence has been incredibly felt more and more outside the home. In the modern world, a woman has begun taking on more responsibility outside the four walls and into the economy. Therefore when we ask,” what is a modern woman?” the answer not only remains a theoretical description but more a realistic one consisting of real-life women. Women have been kept under the shadow of men since time immemorial. But with the start of first-wave feminism when women removed themselves from under the shadows and stepped outside into the sunlight for the first time, it changed the dynamics of the game. They increasingly demanded not only equal voting rights but also equality of opportunity and education. One must have surely heard the proverb that when u educate a man, you educate an individual, but when you educate a woman, you educate an entire family. Women’s subsequent education brought her more opportunities to participate in the global workforce. This emancipated her from her financial dependence on a man and gave her the chance to soar high in the sky.

Royal Women’s Clothing Collection
Women’s circumstances have changed; therefore, her needs have become different. Clothes do not only serve to cover our modesty but they help us in making our fashion statement and reaching our goal. In this present world, women want clothes that are not only stylish and elegant but that would cater to their various needs. From the very start of the day; she needs to prepare herself for the outside world and would need formal clothing, and at the end of the day, she would like to slip into something light and comfortable. We understand her needs and thus align our clothes according to her. We have a wide range of clothing which are not only elegant but affordable.

Let’s look at the different types of women’s clothing:

Shirts and tops:
Women need mobility and clothes should help them in their movement not restrict them. Keeping this idea in mind, we have designed tops and shirts in various designs patterns, and colours. We have geometric print, abstract print, ethnic motifs print and bandhani print floral print in various colours. Not limited to a certain kind of style, we have rayon shirts in casual colours, peplum tops, crop tops, buttoned short sleeves, and mandarin collars.

Indian wears: Indian women love to keep hold of their traditions and roots. Our aim is to hold onto those roots and therefore our collection of Indian Kurti ranges from bandhani print to ethnic sequences and floral patterns. Not only designs but our kurtis are available in various eclectic colours.

Nightsuits: After a long day at work, one would like to unfurl and get comfortable. Our night suits for women are designed keeping in mind their comfort and fashion. With great designs we have two broad categories of night suits: a. trousers and b shorts.

Western wear: Women nowadays like to mix and match western and Indian dresses to create a unique look. Western dresses have been trending since colonization took place. We have created a unique blend of western patterns like dresses with Indian touch of ethnic and floral designs.

Final words:
Women throughout the world love shopping for great and unique clothes and dresses. We at Virtualkart strongly believe that every need of a woman must be met and thereafter keep experimenting with women’s clothing line. With the pandemic resulting in severe restrictions on the movement of people, online shopping has become a new trend. Online shopping not only gives one access to a great variety of products, especially clothes but also makes them quite affordable to people. Affordability is an issue with a lot of people and we aim to make our products accessible and affordable to people inspite of their resources. Virtual Kart gives great discounts on most of its products.