Everything has altered since humans discovered reading and writing. Our rapid expansion can be attributed to our ability to transmit knowledge and wisdom to succeeding generations.

We are all aware of how important books are. Though not everyone can read books as frequently as they’d like to. But a quick 10-minute overview of the book will definitely help you advance in your game if you would like to decide which book to write. You will find summaries of four books in this blog post. Happy reading.

1. The fault in our stars

Hazel Grace Lancaster, who is seventeen, grudgingly goes to a therapy network for people with cancer at her mother’s insistence. Her cancer prevents her from breathing normally, therefore she utilises a mobile oxygen unit. She notices a little boy in one of the sessions, and she discovers his name is Augustus Waters after talking with him for a while. To encourage Isaac, a friend of theirs, he is present. Isaac had had one eye removed due to a tumour, but now he also needs to have the other one amputated. 

Augustus approaches Hazel after the meeting is over and comments on how similar to Natalie Portman in V for Vendetta she looks. Hazel accepts his invitation to watch the movie at his house, and while they are there, they talk about their struggles with cancer. Hazel admits that she has lung cancer that has progressed from her thyroid. Augustus suffered osteosarcoma, but after having his leg removed, he is now cancer-free. They make a pact to read each other’s favourite books before Augustus takes Hazel home. Hazel is given The Price of Dawn by Augustus, and she suggests An Imperial Affliction.

While looking for the author of their favourite book, Hazel and Augustus experience a roller coaster of feelings, involving love, despair, and passion. Peter Van Houten, the author of An Imperial Affliction, is sought, so they fly to Amsterdam. Hazel receives some devastating news from Augustus while they are on their journey, and both of their lives completely collapse.

This book is ideal for you if you like reading young adult novels with biting humour and tragic occurrences. Throughout this incredible work by John Green, be prepared to smile, cry, and laugh. This book is a definite must-read.

The Fault in Our Stars

            Author : John Green

2. It’s called a breakup because it’s broken

A necessary guide for returning to an even more rocking you Greg and his wife Amiira offer their hysterical and practical road plan for overcoming grief and getting back in the game.

From Greg Behrendt, the co-author of the smash two-million copy bestseller He’s Just Not That Into You, comes It’s Called a Breakup Because It’s Broken.

Breakups are terrible, there is no arguing that. One thing, however, you must realise in the immediate aftermath—especially with regard to the loser who abandoned you or made you leave him—is that some things cannot and ought not to be healed. Now is the moment to wipe your emotions, flip to Chapter 1 of this book, and begin turning your breakup into a break-over.

The definitive survival manual for overcoming Mr. Wrong and rediscovering your personal Super fox. How to create a killer pity party for yourself, how to put yourself through “he-tox,” and how to reframe reality to see the relationship for what it was. includes a crucial workbook that will enable you to express your feelings and find healing.

It's called a breakup because it's broken

Author: Amiira Routola & Greg Behrendt

        3. All the lives we never lived

The book All the Lives We Never Lived relates the tale of Myshkin Rosario, a nine-year-old boy whose mother, Gayatri Sen Rosario, flees to Dutch-controlled Bali in the 1930s, leaving aside her comfortable married house, her only child’s pure devotion, and an uncaring husband.

Poor little Myshkin is now frightened by the controversy, which has emerged as the current topic of conversation in the sleepy Himalayan village of Muntazir, as she departs from the familiar quest of the foreign.

After some time, Myshkin makes the decision to let go of the ghosts that have been following him for years, and he makes arrangements to relive his mother’s memories. He learns a side of his mother he was unaware of in the meantime.

This story revolves around a loveless little boy, Myshkin and his impulsive and passionate mother, Gayatri.

Author: Anuradha Roy

    4) 2 States

The novel is based on the story of couples

belonging to different states, castes and religions. Ananya Swaminathan, a Brahmin girl from Tamil Nadu, and Krish Malhotra, a Punjabi boy from North India, are the book’s two primary protagonists. Ananya, a graduate in economics, is the most well-known female student at IIM Ahmedabad, whereas Krish holds a degree in information technology.

They quickly develop a close friendship, which quickly develops into romance, and they move in together. Once the training is finished and both students land jobs at their preferred companies, Krish then asks Ananya to marry him. While the majority of couples in India are prepared for such unions, it is evident that there has always been resistance from the relatives of each partner. Considering this, the pair in the tale decides to persuade their parents and win over the families of each other.

2 states

Author: Chetan Bhagat

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