Indian jewellery has no substitute because it not only enhances the overall look of an individual but shines the spotlight on her at all events. Among all pieces of jewellery, a traditional or chic necklace can elevate the whole attire. Necklaces have been designed in all shapes and sizes, therefore one can wear them with ethnic or even western outfits to achieve an aesthetic look. Necklaces are lovely, stunning pieces of jewellery that not only enhance a person’s sense of style but bring out the individuality of the person. One of the most distinguishable features of a bridal necklace is that it can be customized according to varied tastes. Some would like to keep it minimalistic with a single chain with a pendant and others would go for the more glamourous American diamond sets or temple necklaces.

Coming to bridal necklaces, Indian marriage is an emotional experience with the coming together of not only two people but also the mingling of families and friends. The memories that are created become immortalized after the wedding ceremony has taken place. Therefore, to make that day special in an aesthetic sense is quite vital, and bridal jewellery does become an integral part of the entire wedding ritual as it brings out the best in the bride and lights up the whole look instantly.  The bridal necklace is the perfect spice to complement the bride on her special day.

Bridal necklaces have evolved in these modern times as it is crafted with multifarious semi-precious and precious stones corresponding to the attire creating a different look with each one. From the southern temple necklaces to that tastefully curated Kundan bridal necklace the diverse variety of Indian wedding jewellery is known globally for its aesthetic and cultural value. Each necklace that is beautifully crafted has a story to tell. For instance, the southern temple jewellery patterns are a beautiful mix of tradition and culture Women love to wear breath-taking necklaces that will make them look good as well elegant, especially on the day of their wedding. They want to invest in some timeless pieces of jewellery that they will be able to preserve for many long years and cherish the moments of that day.

 Now let us check out the five different bridal necklaces that are trending in fashion:

1.     American Diamond Necklaces

It is a well-known proverb that a diamond is a woman’s best friend but for most of us who cannot afford real diamonds as they tend to be quite expensive, American diamonds come to the rescue. They are synthetic forms of diamonds created in laboratories with specialized techniques that exactly replicate real diamonds. American diamond necklaces look classy, stylish, and elegant and most importantly look exactly like a diamond. Let’s look at two kinds of American Diamond necklaces that are in trend for the perfect bride:

·       Princess necklace

It is a primary style of necklace which sits just below the collarbone and is a perfect bridal necklace for a bride that loves the princess look. It usually comes in a wide variety ranging from light to heavy; a light princess necklace can suit one for party occasions but a heavier one would suit a bride for her day.

·       Chokers

It is a kind of necklace that comfortably clasps and sits close to the neck of the bride. Choker necklaces are quite famous and they could be again of different styles from a single band to something a little heavier with intricate designs of Kundan, pearls, or other precious gemstones. One thing which is unique is that it can go well with gowns or western dresses whichever style of dress the bride puts on. It is quite adaptable as it can create a modern look at the same time and also showcase tradition.

2.     Temple necklaces

In bridal necklaces, temple necklaces or nakshi jewellery have attained quite a distinct reputation of their own. As the name suggests, the Temple necklace was previously used to ornament the idols of Indian gods, and goddesses. The practice of worshipping gods and goddesses in India with heavy jewellery is an ancient practice. Temple necklaces in gold or golden polish are much in demand with brides choosing to wear them on special occasions.

3. Collar necklaces

 They might have a single strand or many layers that lie over the collarbone. Pearls and gemstones and semi-precious stones are used to create beautiful stunning collar necklaces. A few specks of silver or gold can be used to make collar necklaces that have a traditional look and are preferred by brides. A gorgeous adornment perfectly suited for a bride is several collar necklaces made of silver enamel.

4. An Elaborate Multi-layered Necklace with Emeralds

This example of a bridal Kundan necklace is the right choice for you on your special day. Starting as a choker, the necklace continues to have multiple layers with floral patterns with engraved precious stones. The bottom layer can have an inverted moon-shaped work with emeralds hanging from each one of them as an example.

5. A Big Necklace with Continuous Kundan Work

A big necklace that works as your main piece of jewellery on your wedding day should be attractive and magnificent in every sense. People should not be able to peel their eyes off it once they see it. For that, a necklace with continuous kundan work on it with little spacing is the best. It looks royal, luxurious, and plush.

6. A Beautiful Choker with Pink Gemstones

Coming back to the elaborate designs, a beautiful choker necklace that is designed around pink gemstones can be a great choice for a bridal necklace. The pink stone makes the necklace perfect for those who are wearing a pink lehenga as their bridal attire. The multiple-layered finish on this bridal Kundan necklace with pink gemstones also gives you a royal look with its heaviness.

7. A Beautiful Choker with Green Gemstones

An artistic choker necklace with a tinge of green with gold shells is enough if you are looking for a mix of a sober and luxurious look on your wedding day then go for smaller Kundan stones as it helps in creating finer designs and details. The smaller the designs are, the more beautiful it looks.


In these present times, a bride has so many options to choose from in place of a necklace including, Kundan necklaces, American diamond necklaces, or temple sets. Necklaces have an unquestionable ability to bring out the best in a woman’s features and personality on her big day. It plays a key role in making women feel beautiful, stylish, and special and gives a boost to their self-confidence. Virtual Kart brings you a fine collection of bridal necklaces to choose from on your big day.