What does it mean to be a modern woman? If we point out the rules that define the term, there automatically arises a subclause that allows one to break the guidelines, especially if one belongs to the category of a modern woman. Equality is a word that comes to mind, as well as the idea of empowerment. Both these terms go hand in hand to describe the nuances of a woman of modern times.

A modern woman is an individual living in the present, who questions and challenges the norms that have been defining her for centuries, and stands for her rights. Freedom is one of the rights that have fought hard to achieve for women. It’s what we do with the prescribed set of rules that makes the difference. We are fortunate to have choices, and as modern women, we understand the struggle faced by the generations before us. It is by the virtue of their struggle that which has bestowed opportunities. It is well known that the condition of women in the early periods of the world’s history was inferior to that of men. The disposition in this modern world is to treat her neither as an inferior nor superior to man, but as an individual having a say of her own in her choice to dress, work, or any decision that affects her.

For centuries women have been attracted to jewellery whether rudimentary or artistic in nature. The woman of today is financially empowered and does not depend on anybody for her financial needs. So this makes it quite obvious that she would like to buy her own jewellery and accessorize herself as best as she can. As civilization advances, however, and political conditions become more stable, material resources at the same time being easier to access, a modern woman naturally occupies a place of prominence. Jewellery no longer becomes a mere product to inherit or presented to her, she can find it a way to assert her independence more.

What does jewellery mean to her?

  1. Jewelry helps in enhancing her beauty. It symbolizes wealth, power, and status for many women who have struggled hard to stand on their feet. Individuals consider jewellery a form of art for self and creative expression. Then, there are some people who use jewelry as part of their traditions and culture. 
  • For the Indian culture, jewellery holds more meaning rather than having an aesthetic role. During weddings, they come to symbolize traditional culture and spirituality. The pieces of jewellery worn by the bride signify that she is to become a part of another family because she will become the thread to join her as well as her husband’s extended family. 
  • new innovations and designs keep the marketplace alive. Nowadays, we have so many options to choose from including, Kundan jewellery, American diamond necklaces, or temple sets.
  • Jewellery has an unquestionable ability to bring out the best in a woman’s features and personality when the right piece is worn by a woman. It plays a vital role in making women feel beautiful, stylish, special and give a boost to their self-confidence. Jewellery ultimately plays a big role in making a woman feel good about herself.
  • Some pieces of jewellery that women own have a sentimental value much higher than their monetary value. For example, a hundred-rupee engagement ring can have infinitely greater intrinsic worth and be something to cherish forever. Moreover, its sentimental value is what makes inherited jewellery more valuable as it’s handed down to future generations.

Why does she hold it so close?

  • Women are passionate about jewelry as it represented a symbol of femininity and even social status because jewellery has always made them feel beautiful and confident.
  • All over the globe, women are wearing a different variety of necklaces, earrings, or simply bracelets. So why do so many women choose to wear it on daily basis? Because the popularity of jewelry is increasing with the passage of time as women become more and more financially empowered.
  • Oftentimes it is a sweet remembrance of a loved one that transcends everything. It represents love, hope, and optimism, Many women place something passed down from their grandmother or mother or made by their children, as the next most important piece of jewellery they own.

Final words

As the world has become more globalized, jewellery has become more affordable and accessible to the common individual, and buying it has become a more everyday experience. Jewellery can mean many different things, and each piece we own can bring back different memories. It is no longer a piece of metal and gemstones but an emotion that has a different significance.