Indian jewellery is a big part of its heritage and culture. Since the beginning of the Indus valley civilization, jewellery has been an important portion of India’s ensemble. Our nation has been globally one of the biggest producers of precious stones and metals which in turn meant the rise in the popularity of jewels. Over the eras, different styles of jewellery with various techniques to develop them took place in different regions of the country. From the ratanchur of Bengal to the kundalas of Jammu and Kashmir, the diversity of India is reflected in its indigenous jewellery of different regions. Kundan jewellery is one category of popular jewellery.

Now, what is kundan? Kundan is a distinct style where glass pieces are embedded in precious metal to create marvellous and absolute masterpieces. It gives the wearer a sense of royalty since it was in the royal courts that this style emerged in the beginning. It is believed that the origin of Kundan jewellery must have been in the royal courts of Gujarat and Rajasthan and it is a common belief held that it was promulgated in the courts of the Mughals. Mughals highly regarded the kundan jewellery and the skilled artisans were highly in demand. Kundan production is arduous as it requires various skilled craftsmen at various stages. The process begins with flattening the metal into sheets and then the sheets are made into cup-like shapes to hold in the stones or glass. Next comes the step to set the glass or gemstones using hot coal. There are certain kinds of kundan jewellery that have elaborate designs at the back. This is achieved by a specialized process called Meenakari- the creation of colourful and intricate designs.

During the wedding season the demand for kundan jewellery has skyrocketed. It is no secret that an Indian bridal ensemble is not considered complete without the inclusion of kundan jewellery. Apart from marriage ceremonies, Kundan jewellery is worn at any, celebration, social gathering or religious ceremony. Thousands and thousands of women buy Kundan jewellery to instill a sense of life in their Indian attires and some even wear them with western outfits as a fashion statement.
Let’s further delve into the kinds of kundan jewellery that we offer:
We offer kundan necklaces with multiple colours and high density of gold which gives the jewellery a good effect.
At virtual kart, we provide a wide range of kundan jewellery like necklace set, bangles, bracelets, rings, and earrings.

Significance of bridal Kundan Jewellery

The graceful and elegant look of kundan jewellery is in demand throughout the marriage season. When we talk about traditional Indian jewellery which is oftentimes heavy, consisting of voluminous gold metal. Keeping up with the change in times, jewellery which is lighter in weight has gained immense popularity among today’s Indian brides. On her special day, every bride wants to look like a royal queen. Thus, she prefers kundan jewellery as it was once upon a time a great favourite of the royals. Oftentimes, heavy and voluminous diamond necklace sets can’t complement the traditional wedding attire in the way kundan jewellery does.

A few splashes of colours of bridal sets that we offer:

  • Since green jewels are a trend, we offer a few kinds of eclectic pairing of green jewels which when paired with a bright trousseau would provide a balance between tradition and modernity.
  • Featured in our website are necklaces chokers bangles in different designs, patterns and splashes of colours.
  • Meenakari has been a favourite choice between millennial brides. We are not only limited to the inclusion of stones glasses and American diamonds, but also Meenakari designs along with them.
  • Our designs have been inspired by nature and architecture, the beautiful shapes of lotuses and tulips and other floral designs.
  • We have contrasting blend of pastel shades with traditional jewellery

In the older times, kundan jewellery included quite intricate and detailed designs since it was created for royal families. with the passing of the years, this style has evolved so much so that it has been also being copied in several pure metals as well. Once commercialization started, kundan jewellery became available to the common folk.

Final words

The Kundan necklace has been a phenomenon with brides since time immemorial. It is usually styled with another pair of necklaces, mostly with chokers or collar necklaces. Wearing this exquisite necklace not only lends a traditional appearance but a more sophisticated and elegant look.

The jewellery gets its name because of the excellent skilled craftsmanship encasing gemstones and glass in the base of pure metal like brass or copper. It has a difficult production process with involves enameling with various colours on the reverse of the jewellery with the designs on the front.