Every Indian wedding is celebrated following its unique tradition and cultural heritage. Every aspect of a wedding, from food to rituals to attire, is given particular attention. The bridal jewellry is an exquisite blend of culture and tradition and becomes an indispensable part of the rituals. A graceful yet stylish set of bridal jewellery enhances the bride’s aesthetic appearance and gives her the much-needed confidence boost on that day. While the majority indulges in praising the bride’s appearance, many forget about the jewelry’s ritualistic effect. Gold among other precious metals is considered auspicious in many religious and wearing it thus becomes quite important in marriages. Through the years, cultures and traditions have seen modernizations but bridal jewelry has remained a vital part of a marriage.

An Indian marriage is an emotional experience with the coming together of families and friends. The memories that are created become immortalized long after the wedding ceremony has taken place. Therefore, bridal jewelry is an integral part of the entire wedding ritual and it brings out the best in the bride and lights up the whole look instantly.  It comes with an overload of diamonds, gems, and pearls studded in gold and other precious metals. Bridal jewellery is the perfect spice to complement the bride on her special day.

In modern times, bridal jewellery has evolved, and nowadays it is crafted with multifarious semi-precious and precious stones corresponding to the attire. from the southern temple jewellery to that tastefully curated Kundan bridal necklace. The diverse variety of Indian wedding jewellery is known globally for its aesthetic and cultural value. the southern temple jewellery patterns are a beautiful mix of tradition and culture. In Kolkata jewellery is made by beating bright yellow gold into flat surfaces and then exquisite patterns are carved on it. An Iranian craftsman invented the Meenakari designs which was then popularised by the Mughals and since then it has gained momentum because of its intricate designs symbolizing the rich historical and cultural heritage of India. Antique jewellery has become a popular option among millennial brides as it has a rustic aura and emotional ancestry charm. 

New Upcoming Trends in Necklaces


These are long extended necklaces, single or multi-stringed bestowing a royal look. It is beset with dropping pearls and its ghera gives the bride a queen-like prominence. The Kundan necklace has been a phenomenon with brides since time immemorial. It is usually styled with another pair of necklaces, mostly with chokers or collar necklaces. Wearing this exquisite necklace not only lends a traditional appearance but a more sophisticated and elegant look.

The jewellery gets its name because of the excellent skilled craftsmanship encasing gemstones and glass in the base of pure metal like brass or copper. It has a difficult production process with involves enameling with various colours on the reverse of the jewellery with the designs on the front.

American Diamond Necklaces

it is a known proverb that a diamond is a woman’s best friend but for most of us who cannot preserve real diamonds or afford them, American diamonds come to the rescue. They are synthetic forms of diamonds created in laboratories. American diamond necklaces look elegant and classy and most importantly looks exactly like a diamond. Let’s look at the various kinds of American Diamond sets that are in trend:

Princess necklace

It is a primary style of necklace which sits just below the collarbone. It usually comes in a wide variety ranging from light to heavy, a light princess necklace can suit one for simple occasions and a heavier one would suit a bride in an occasion.


It is a kind of necklace that comfortably clasps the neck. Choker necklaces are quite famous and they could be again of different styles from a single band to something a little heavier with intricate designs of pearls and kundan. One thing which is unique is that it can go well with gowns or western dresses and at the same time it can wonderfully complement your saree. It is quite adaptable as it can create a modern look and also showcase tradition.

Temple necklace

In bridal jewellery, temple necklaces or nakshi jewellery have attained a distinct reputation of their own amidst Indian bridal jewellery. As the name suggests, Temple jewellery was previously used to ornament the idols of Indian gods, and goddesses. The practise of worshipping gods and goddesses in India with heavy jewellery dates back many centuries. Temple necklaces in gold or golden polish are much in demand with brides choosing to wear them on their special day.


The wedding ceremony for a couple is a big day because it signifies the start of a new family and the woman on this special day dresses as a bride by putting on gorgeous lehengas, perfect make up and intricately crafted jewellery. Her whole look comprising of a red or maroon ensemble is held together by a beautiful necklace at the centre. The necklace holds a significant place for a bride because a marriage is a lifelong memorable event, to be cherished throughout.